What’s the next business coming to Bradley Fair? Hint: It’s not what you might think

Mar 15 / Press

If you were to speculate about what business might be coming to Bradley Fair next, a nail salon probably wouldn’t be among your guesses for the upscale shopping center at 21st and Rock Road.

That is what’s coming, though, and it’s part of what associate general manager Abbey Wolfert calls the center’s renaissance under new co-owner WS Development. There’s a focus on more service-oriented businesses instead of strictly restaurant and retail outlets. Part of the idea is to give customers reasons for repeat trips to Bradley Fair, including more than one in the same day.

M. Vince Nail Spa will locate in 3,500 square feet of the former J. Crew Mercantile space by J. Jill and Eddie Bauer.

“I think the layout especially . . . is going to be something really different for the market,” Wolfert said.

She said there will be more private areas for treatments instead of one large room that is more typical in the industry.

The salon is part of the Anthony Vince Nail Spa brand, which is in more than 25 states. It’s known for its high-end finishes along with an in-salon bar. The business plans to offer customers free drinks with their purchases of services.

“It’s kind of their signature amenity,” Wolfert said.

She said each salon offers a slightly different menu of services, such as manicures, pedicures, gel and dip products, facial and eyebrow waxing and possibly facials as well.

“We’re just waiting to hear what the final menu is.”

The salon will be in the same building as the permanent site for Club Pilates, which will open in the space in late April or early May. It’s open in temporary space now.

The salon will open in May as well. A liquor license is expected take 90 days.

Wolfert said the salon is a good fit in a couple of ways. One is that it is so high end, which she said Bradley Fair customers “will really appreciate.”

She said it makes sense with WS Development’s push to have more service-oriented businesses as well. With the pandemic, Wolfert said retail hasn’t performed at the same level as other businesses. Restaurants are starting to come back, she said, but retail hasn’t been as strong.

Wolfert said this and WS Development’s recent announcement of the new First Mile: Kitchen that’s opening in the former Good Egg space are signs of more things to come at Bradley Fair. She said that includes an overall property refresh. There will be new lounge furniture on the plaza, which Wolfert calls “more kind of moment-making type furniture.”

“We’re going to start there.”

She said there will be other efforts to create more of a presence at the center, including new flowers and other landscaping.

“I think you’ll start to see more of that going forward.”